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    need hosting - sure you hear this all the time

    i've been checking out a lot of low-cost hosts lately, but it wasn't till i came to these forums that i saw a lot of them are b.s. what site would you all suggest for:

    50mb space
    ftp access (and shell would be awesome)
    php support
    under $70 a year

    the cheaper the better, as this is gonna be a lame videogame site run by me and my friends. i'm definately gonna check out dot5hosting and terra-byte. i was wondering though, has anyone heard of alumanetworks?


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    Try the hosting requests forum - that way hosts can respond to your request.

    Shaun Ewing

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    It looks like he's looking for suggestions. Of which, there are several good hosts around.

    Do you know what you would need in bandwidth for your site?

    And, sorry, I haven't heard of alumanetworks.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    well, our last site got about 400 hits a day. like i said, mostly a hobby site that pulled in random people from yahoo. so i'm thinking the average page being 5k (of course, not including videogame screenshots).

    5k * 400 * 30 = 60mb

    the whole unkown aspect of bandwidth to me kind of freaks me out, but i'm sure it's not much to worry about. i just wouldn't want to get screwed on hidden costs for exceding the banwidth.

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