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  1. #1 For Sale is up for sale. This was part of a project that was never completed. Domain has been in my possesion for 4 years. Latest whois lookup will show since October of last year, due to an auto-renewal that never went through, so I had to re-register it.

    This is a fully built business, ready to run. Your merchandise is handled by a Manufacturer & Wholesale Distributor of high quality
    aftermarket car parts & accessories. There was a point in time when this website would make money locally, however, this website in no way, shape, or form has been pursued, so it's time to put it on the market. Backend is run by Zencart, a very advanced E-cart system that controls the website as well as transactions, orders, etc.
    Reason for sell- This was part of a project that was never pursued. Website is fully operational, and upon purchase, we would transfer over domain as well as connection to manufacturer and distributer.

    Website was custom designed by our staff a couple of years ago. Very nice design that came out well in our honest opinion.

    Asking price is $1000.00
    This would include the entire business, and we would change all ownership properties of the website to your name and title. Also includes free web hosting on our server for the first month, of course, you have the choice on where you would like to host it. This is a great opportunity, we feel is well worth more due to the amount of time and pride put into it, but as mentioned before, it's time to sell it since we have no plans on pursing it. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
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    Bin has been set to $500 in hopes for a sale. Again, this is a unique design, and fully functional and ready to run. Reason for sale- No plans on pursing.

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