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    Exclamation MySQL help Needed!

    I want to have a mysql username/password database in php. I am looking for a script, so please don't post advertisements for me to pay like $300 for some program.

    There are a number of things I want to do in the database. I want each account to have a sort of point variable, so that each username/password account has "points". I also have certain images to go with each account in which I want each account to have an array of. How would I do something like that?

    Please reply ASAP. Thanks.

    PS: I already have a host with mySQL, so please no advertisements, and yes phpMyAdmin is installed on it.

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    umm, not sure I'm totally following you but did you try

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    a system like that should be incredibly easy to code yourself. take a look at the webmonkey tutorials over at lycos and write the script yourself.

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    can you give me a specific link?

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