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    Will Pay for Webdesign and Php Coding

    Looking for experinace designer with coding background to work site for me.

    I want to do something like

    Thom Jenkins
    [email protected]

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    If you don't have an immediate need for the script, I would love to do this.

    I am currently learning PHP/MySQL and am a highly skilled website designer.

    Since I am still learning, I would not mind charging less than the 'going rate'. What do you say?

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    For a custom quote, please send a full project detail to me at [email protected] ... I will pass it on to our programmer and see what he says.

    (In case you are wondering, the site that we have now is a placeholder for the site that is currently being designed by our in-house designer and our programmer, and does not in any way reflect the tremendous work that our (newly hired ) staff can do.)

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    Please send an email to [email protected] with details. I would like to know about timeline, which database would be used, if architectual design would be necessary.. if the design is already complete, what does it entail?

    Looking at your example url, I assume you will need a search engine. Do you already have a cluster, is one being designed? Would I need to design and impliment one? If one is designed and implimented, would I need to use CORBA, RPC, etc... to balance database queries cross the cluster, or would it be transparent?

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    We have coders currently looking for a bit of work. for more info.

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    Mr. Jenkins,
    We specialize in developing systems such as the one you are looking for. For example, we recently developed a complicated search/match system for a singles site which return a percentage match based on certain criteria in a profile. We have the experience and skills necessary to develop such a system for you. I have several ideas which I believe would help us develop a site superior to Take a look at our web site/portfolio at and email a more detailed description of your project to our sales department([email protected]) and we will draw up a quote for you. Thank you.

    Aaron Roberts
    Phantom Light Studios
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