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    Best 3rd party CC processor for fraud prevention?


    I've been looking around at 3rd party CC processors and wanted to know how they (2Checkout, Revecom/Paysystem, Hostcharge: these are the ones I've been specificially looking at) deal with fraud. I know that most of the responsibility lies with me, the webhost, but I'd like to know which CC processor does the best job in weeding out fraudulent transactions. Or which one makes it easier for the webhost to do this?

    It looks to me like Revecom has quite a good system setup and has quite a detailed webpage describing it. In fact they are the only one of the three to even mention it on their page. ( -> "Safety and Security" but no details; Hostcharge: HINT, HINT). But what someone advertises and what they do can be two different things .

    What are your experiences? Are there other 3rd party CC processors which I left off (good rates + fraud prevention system)?


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    I use all those - but someone mentioned this a few days ago:

    I'm still in check them out mode

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    I'd say 2Checkout. We use them for all transactions through our website and they are amazing for fraud support. If a transaction is ever to be cancelled because of possible fraud you can even have the decision reversed (at your own risk of course).

    Great service, and friendly staff. For $50 bucks you can't go wrong.


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    I was just curious,

    If there is a HIGH RISK ORDER, and they pass the client (without your say in it)...and the order ends up being fraud, does 2checkout charge you for a chargeback or transaction fees?

    (BTW, 2checkout is great!)
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