We are currently in the process of starting loadbalancing via F5 Big-IP's.

For the std. webservers this is no problem, however, I can't seem to find if the following is possible for our application-servers:

Due to the application, external clients need to have an open socket-connection to some specific servers. They have DNS-names
like app1.X.com, app2.X.com, app3.X.com. Open sockets can not be kept alive through the loadbalancer, so they need to connect directly to the app-servers.

Right now, another application randomly redirects you to one of the application-servers when you access app.X.com, like
app.X.com -> app1.X.com. However, this application does not take the number of connections, status of the server etc. into account, so now-and-then clients try to connect to a non-responding server.

Is it possible to let the BigIP decide to which server you need to be redirected ? I've looked everywhere in the manuals, but can't seem to find anything about it.