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    Host as many domains as you would like under one account - special

    Why pay for multiple hosting accounts when you may host as many domains as you would like under one account?

    Multiple Domain Special:

    - 200MB Disk Space
    - 5GB Data Transfer
    - FREE Domain
    - $8.95
    - More..

    Regular Multiple Domain Planes:


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    You banned Ikonboard (all versions) is unreasonable since their latest version use MySQL while YABB stay unbanned

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    The problem with Ikonboard is that it is very resource intensive which can cause havok. Especially when multiple people are running it at once. This pushes the server load very high which is unfortunately not acceptable. The problem is not the database part, it's the script that is killing the server, eating resources. It looks good on the surface but behind it's bad coding - very sloppy.

    As for YaBB it's only the flat file version that is banned. YaBB SE (the PHP/MYSQL version) is ok.



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