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    I Need Work! Web Design, Logos ect.


    I am in need of work!

    I do the followings for the following prices...

    Logo: $14.99
    Banner: $9.99
    Full WebSite Design: $30.00/page
    Business Card Design: $9.99
    Brochure Design: $19.99

    For the Full Wesite Design, I will do a package deal like this for anyone that would like it:

    A Website design with the "Home Page", "About Page", "Contact Page" And then any other page that you would like for only $99.99. That is a savings of nearly $20!

    I really am in need of work right now and that is why my prices are so good!

    Thank you


    Here are two different designs. I just made these two with the theme of a Flower Shop. I also made a business card with the same theme and I will get it up here ASAP! I don't have any web sites in my portfolio yet but I am in the process of making 2 websites.
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    You should consider posting links to some of your recent work. Noone is going to pay you anything unless they see what you can do.

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    I agree...can you show us some of your work?

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