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    Transferring domain names for clients

    Hello everyone,

    I am wondering what the procedure is for transferring a domain name for a client.

    Firstly I own 4d Web Hosting and the name servers are and The client wishes for me to update the name servers from and to the 4d servers.

    From what I understand I have to send the request via email to networksolutions ( and it will automate the process from there. Is that correct? Can someone elaborate on that to make this clearer?
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    With the newer accounts, your client will have a username and password with which you can just log in and change the information.

    With older accounts, you fill in an online form which is then automatically sent to the administrative contact who has to send back the mail to netsol in order to authorize the changes.

    Another solution would be to transfer the domain to another registrar like namecheap and you then change the information yourself.

    Hope that helps.

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    Firstly..........its definitely registered with verisign/netsol isn't it?
    I have only had a few customers registered with them and nothing but hassle in trying to change the nameservers over. I belive if teh site doesnt work properly, as it doesnt for me you can phone them and they will sort it.

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    To make transfer faster - use NetSol, then transfer the domain to any other registrar.

    The hosting change has to come from the customer, and also has to be confirmed via the admin email.

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