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    Question IP-to-country database - which one is best?

    The software we are using for our customer mgmt and billing has a feature that allows us to click and IP to see what country it is from.

    However, we have to choose a database source for it to work. We have two choices:

    The IP-to-Country Database provided by WebHosting.Info (, available from


    The GeoIP Database provided by (, available from
    (Look for GeoLite Country. Download the csv file.)
    Does anyone know what is the difference and which is better? I had a look through both sites, and both claim a 98% accuracy rate, so I thought I'd post here and see what others think.

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    I have never tried, but from what i have seen, most of the major players use maxmind (including myself). My billing provider (whmcs) and merchant provider (cdgcommerce) both offer free basic maxmind accounts as well, which is nice. Gives me 1000 inquiries a piece a month.

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    Based on the regularity get the location of a host wrong on their "reports" I'd go with the maxmind version
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    Use Maxmind. They have a free version too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hycloud View Post
    Use Maxmind. They have a free version too.
    If i could find it on their website.
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    I use Maxmind IP2Country several years and no complaints at all. Also if you have a technical question or problem very fast support.

    You can find the GeoLite Country here:
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    I use MaxMind's free GeoIP to parse my webalizer logs.

    I find it very effective when coupled with the geoip mod with webalizer.

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