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    Lightbulb WebHostingTalk Special

    We are extending our HostSearch Special to the users of WHT.
    We are offering:

    100 MB of Storage
    Unlimited POP3 email
    Auto Responders
    FrontPage 2002
    CGI / PHP / SSI / ASP
    3 mySQL Databases
    Daily Stats
    Web Control Panel
    Email Forwarding
    Catch-All Email
    24/7 FTP Access
    No Advertising
    No Setup Fee

    For the affordable price of $1.99/month.
    For additional details or to sign-up visit:

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    Do you pay for the cost of buying a domain name, and if you don't how much will it cost me if I get you to buy it for me during the sign-up process?

    Also is there a minimum contract length or cheaper price for longer contracts?

    And finally will your ASP/PHP etc always be the current version?


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    We charge $29.95/year for domain name registration.
    We register domain names via enom.
    The $29.95 is their fee for the registration.

    There is no minimum contract length, all of our plans are on a month to month basis,
    we do give you the option to pay annually, but there is no discount based on that payment.

    We stay current will all versions of software.
    We always run the latest stable version.
    We will not upgrade the day something comes out.
    We let it prove it self for a little bit first.

    Hope this helps!


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