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    Transfering domains

    When one transfers a domian from one registrant to another, does you site become unavailable for a period while it propagates? I want to consolidate some domains, but don't want any unexpected downtime.

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    If your new registrar is able to store the correct domain information on their end while the transfer is taking place so it can be used as soon as they receive the domain, you shouldn't have any problems. As I understand sometimes the "whois" info is lost by the time it changes hands (due to inconsistent data types/databases? not sure)

    The only thing you might have some trouble with is if you have your "own" nameservers as they need to be (as far as I know) set up once the new registrar has control of the domain (ie: you won't be able to make the nameservers in advance)

    The actually propogation shouldn't affect your site availability as long as the old registrar data was correct and the new regstrar has the correct data as soon as it gets received. Some nameservers will have the old copy and some will have the new copy (which should be the same!! )

    Good Luck!

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    Dave is exactly right.

    I recently moved a domain to another registrar with a hiccup.


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