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Thread: Bandwith Saving

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    Bandwith Saving

    I operate a fairly medium sized website here in Australia. Our hosting charges are 0.165MB AUD of incomming traffic and outgoing traffic is free.

    Due to our website being fairly image based a large portion of our incomming traffic would be the images.

    Would it be a viable solution to have a server with rackspace or the like where the uploading script would be. The script would then resize the image create the thumbnails then send both images to our server located here in Australia.

    If a user was trying to upload a 200k image image. GD would then compress the image to say 50k and create a 5k thumbnail. This would be a saving of 145k.

    I know someone will say this will slow down the process dramatically. But we screen the image so there is a 24 hour window before the images go live. This can also be down on the US server to save dud images not even being sent to our live server.

    We would also then have a backup of all our images on the rackspace server while reducing the bandwith costs here in Australia and on the rackspace server.

    One more question if for instance we were doing 300GB of transfer does anyone have a formula to roughly calculate the incomming transfer and the outgoing transfer?

    I know this wont be exact but I just would like to paint a picture in my head of our bandwith consumption.


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    32GB/mo = average 100 kbit/s
    320GB/mo = average 1 mbit/s

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