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    Question Can I Install This RPM on RH7.3?


    I just have a quick question that I couldn't find the answer to through searches:

    Can I install this gd 2.0.1beta rpm on my RH7.3 machine?

    I've been looking for a 2.0.1 rpm version under RedHat, but I can't find one so I thought I would ask about this one.



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    Ok, I went ahead with a manual install and I compiled everything. Now I just need to reconfigure php w/ gd, but I can't seem to find a configure file or makefile for php. I ran

    rpm -qa

    and php was listed as an rpm. Is this the reason, and if so, is there a way to recomile it still?



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    Did you install the rpm or compile from source?

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    I believe my host installed it and my guess is it was through an rpm. I'm not 100% sure though.


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