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    Lightbulb Notice to Webhosts

    Hi all, It has come to my attention lately that if you have the capability of offering multi lingual 24/7 support with your hosting services it could work to your advantage if you post this in your signature. Thanks

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    I would think that maybe having spanish speaking(or typing) would benefit in America alot as well as for customers from Mexico and PR, But if you offered say Russian support for a American based hosting company I dont think it would help much but hey the more languages you know the merrier(sp?) I guess right.. I hope this was what you were asking as your post confused me a little..

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    I think Icutwo is refering more to hosts that may be based outside the english speaking world. While the internet is very anglo-centric, if hosts were to promote the fact that they have access to specific languages, they might attract a wider crowd based on that fact.

    It's a great idea. If we did had bi-lingual staff, I'd be sure to promote it

    Greg Moore
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