I am having a strange problem with domain names and web browsing.

I am used to putting a domain name without the .com (or .net etc) into my browser and then hitting return to get to the site. For example, I would type in "webhostingtalk" into the address bar instead of "webhostingtalk.com" and for many years, this has worked just fine... I get to the site I want.

Recently, however, when I do that, I end up at a godaddy parked page. The page says "This Web page is parked free, courtesy of GoDaddy.com!" Also, occasionally when browsing a site, I end up at a parked page. This seems to happen a lot when I go to a subdomain of a site... forum.webhosting.com for example. Also, at times when browsing a site, images will not appear. When I try to view the image alone... view in new window... I end up at the godaddy parked page. Often, this will be a site that has images stored at something like images.sitename.com. This happens using two different browsers... Safari and Firefox. I am using Charter Cable in Asheville, NC.

Is anyone else having this problem? I have never seen anything like it before and I've used the web for nearly 15 years! I've done some searches and can not seem to find any reference to this problem elsewhere.