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    Basketball website+forum for sale

    Starting Bid: $555
    BIN: $800
    Ending date: June 9th.

    I am looking to sell the website, forum, IPB license, and domain name. It's a pretty active site, with a custom designed homepage and forum skin. If you have any questions, let me know. I accept PayPal only, sorry guys.

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    I'll bid $400.
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    Starting Bid: $555

    Work Hard. Live Well.

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    Is anybody else interested? BIN price has been reduced to $500. I can negotiate on the price, don't be afraid to ask..
    Work Hard. Live Well.

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    Is it still for sale ? How many unique visitors per month ? Any revenue ?

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    Yes I'm interested in more stats. Uniques? Revenue? The site is a PR1 so anything you can to do show why it's worth that is helpful.


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    PM sent. Thanks for showing interest.
    Work Hard. Live Well.

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