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    Smile An Elite host that i am very very pleased with

    This isnít a website review its summing id like to say as im very pleased with the service I received
    Id first like to thank WHT for making my site possible i came here looking for a host and found a real good one if it wasnt for WHT then i dont think my community of 650+ members would have survived

    me asking for a host

    well anyways in that thread priority colocation were the first to respond to my query and i have not got anything but good help from them, my account was set up very quickly within a few hours or so of me posting on WHT, the host I forget his name, he helped me thro the procedure as im a noob hehe. And my site since being on priority collocation has never been down once, we were hosted by Host Tyme and their servers were very slow it was very frustrating but collocation is much faster and the speed was noticeable too whenever I need help or anything the host or one of his team is always available on AIM
    lots of people say that most hosts are crap etc etc but its just a matter of finding a real good one and with priority colocation I am more then happy

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    Yep, Myles is a great guy!

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    errr . . . . No offense . . . . . But, this is the WebSite Review forums.

    Ya know . . . . Ya have a web site . . . . . . . Ya want some one to review your web site.

    Although, I believe we 'should' have a WebHost Review forum.
    We don't yet.

    Glad you're happy though.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    yeah me is happy hehe

    my website is if u wanna check it out

    yep i also agree we need a hosts review section or somming

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    If that left menu bar a custom coded peice or did is it a publiclly available script?
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