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    * Ques. about tranferring domains between eNom resellers

    I registered some domains at an eNom reseller for $25/yr ea.
    While now I know the same service can be bought for <$10.
    I'm considerring transfer my domains to another reseller.

    My ques. is: will transferring between two eNom resellers cause any service interruption?


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    it shouldn't

    I've transferred domains between registrars and it didn't cause any service interuptions, so I imagine that within enom, there should not be any interruption either. Good luck!

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    This should be easy to do, since you're changing resellers, not changing registrars.

    Technically, all that is needed is to "push" your domains from the "old" reseller's login to the "new" reellers login. Anyone with a full-service eNom account (reseller or retail) can do this.

    Nothing changes but the account your domains are in. There is no service interruption involved since nothing has to propogate.

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    0% downtime as long as you don't modify or switch to enom own nameservers (without correct url forwarding in place)

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