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    94 support virtually non-existant

    I have been hosted by Square Internet, a reseller of, fo the best of 4 months. At the start their support was fast and good. They setup my account the next day etc. but now i am a customer and they have got my cash, the dont care.

    I have submitted multiple requests to fix my sub-domains (which i cannot activate/change still!), to add domains, they had problems with SQL and i told them as my databases became corrupt every 2 days or so. The rejected my ticket and said 'all is fine with the server' but i submitted a second, then they fixed it. they did not appologise or anything.

    Their servers are fast, but hardly anything works...i signed up for a home account with all the extras inc. PHP, SQL, sub domains. They do not work, if they do only for a short time!

    I have now setup my own Hosting Co. and wanted them to change a URL i registered with them to my new servers, and add the namservers to my far it has been a week, and my PerlDesk ticket shows this. yesterday it changed to resolved, with no confirmation and no effect, but time will show. At the same time as submitting the ticket i emailed the support and sales teams with my ticket contents...still no reply from either, confirmation or other.

    I know they have 3 employees, and they must be on holiday or something because they are being really sloooooow!

    basically, do not signup with them, their support is rubbish, their servers broken, and their customers dissappearing!

    I would never treat my customers like that...that is not a successful method of running a business...and personally i hope they go bust in the near future!

    p.s. they did state Unlimited bandwidth when i signed up, but now they have changed that. i would have submitted them to

    Hope this is useful to those picking a host!
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    Sorry to hear about your hosting experience, but hopefully, you have come out of it a little wiser. Good luck with your own hosting company.


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    You are far from being the only one to be caught by these characters. I host with around 40 different hosts, some of them pretty poor, but they ALL shine compared to this lot.

    I tried contacting them by every means possible. I used the email address they provide, I tried the details at WHOIS, I used the WayBack machine to get phone numbers from their old web sites, I even got contact details from those they advertise with. They just totally ignored me on every front.

    It was a great relief to get my site out of there (and they even made that difficult).

    Good luck with your own venture.

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