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    Advertising networks

    Not sure where I should post this, so feel free to move it.

    I receive quite a bit of traffic to my privacy sites and I'm currently using focusIN for my advertising solutions. I'm looking for a secondary advertising solution if possible.

    Currently this is what I recieve:
    468x60 => $0.14 CPM & $0.04 CPC
    Popups => $0.30 CPM

    That could be a lot better for the amount of hits I receive. If anyone has delt with some excellent advertisers please respond, my revenue is about 75% based on my advertising and although I'm making quite a bit of money with that rate, I think I could be making more if I found another advertiser.

    Note - I forgot to mention my traffic, I have three sites which combined recieve 1,000,000-1,250,000 pageviews/mo (the sites are very very similar). I'm looking for a network which displays mainly CPM ads. If anyone has delt with any good advertisers please let me know.

    Thank you very much.
    - Jeff Dyer
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