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    Banner Design Needed Pay $$

    I need some banner ads designed

    I need

    2 static 400 x 68
    2 animated 400 x 68
    1 skyscraper ad

    Must be as good as

    Also in bit of a hurry :-)

    Can you anyone let me know how much it would cost and how long it take? If works good there will be lots more of it.

    Many Thanks

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    We use these people

    And no we are not any part of the company. They just do fair priced/professional work.

    I bet they would give some kind of discount for more than one banner


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    Yo, I could help you out. You can view my porftolio at:

    I can get all that done for you for about, $70. PM me if your interested.

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    I can develop those banners for you in about 1-3 days, for about 50$ if they are all based on the same theme/design. If they all must be differently designed then it will cost 70$

    You can see some examples of my banners under the portfolio section at

    Thank you for your time, Look forward to your response.
    Best Regards,
    Jeff @ ePixel Media.

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    Chang Lee - Professional Designer
    (for Print, Television & Internet media)

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