can some one could please tell me how to setup NAT ?
( i need step by step )

im using windows 2000 ads , i install nat from the routing and remote .. screen .

what i need to config , is :

i have 8 servers ( web,ftp,sql,realserver .. etc )
all my servers have local ip adress ( class c 192.168.2.x )
i have 1 stat` ip address from my isp .

right now , when some one pointing to my domain name ( www.mydomain.com) the system dont now where to rout this call ,
its the same with other domains ( ftp://ftp.mydomain.com)

my system should transfer the "calls" from the internet to the right server ( ftp= ftp server ; www = web server ; sql= sql server .. etc.. )

how can help me with it ?
i will be more then happy if some one , have icq to run with me the nat config ..

thank you all