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    I've been checking them out and they seem really good, but I'm still trying to figure out exactly how the plans work and tech support keeps giving me the same canned answer over and over which is somewhat disapointing.

    I have seen a lot of talk about them on these forums so I am hoping someone who is hosting with them can help me out.

    Basically I understand that I get 10 "users" who have access to the CP with the base account. If i want to add more users I have to pay a small setup and eventually move up plans. My question is, since I can host unlimited domains per "user" could I make one "user" in the CP and host a bunch of 'cheaper' accounts and just not give those accouns access to the CP. Would I still be able to limit diskspace and bandwith for each domain?

    Also does anyone know what the server load is like? Techsupport failed to give me any answer on that subject which makes me somewhat wary.

    Thanks in advanced!

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    Those 10 are for resller accounts
    You can sell 10 reseller plans of your choice before you start gettin charged for them.

    Otherwise if your just web hosting you have unlimited domains.
    Just limited by plan which you can upgrade as you need it

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    Thanks for your reply!

    What I am still wondering however is if I can sell normal accounts, not resller ones. For example I make a CP account and then sell an unlimited number of plans under that one account.

    That way I am only limited by space and bandwith, and I don't have to worry about users. Basically I just don't offer CP to anyone who is hosted.

    Also if I use those users as resller accounts can I limit what they can resell?

    Thanks again!

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    I am a reseller of matrix. The answer to your question is yes, you can host as many domains within one CP account, but no you cannot set seperate disk space for each one. Disk space is set at a per control panel account level.

    Also you cannot use the billing features if you do it this way, as billing is per control panel account.

    I find Matrix (Vortech) OK as far as support goes. In fact their support is more prompt than sales queries. No hosts are perfect and I think these guys are as good as most.


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    So basically your sayin in order to bill correctly and set clients disk/bandwith limits etc etc ... each one will need a Cpanel account and it will cost me x $'s per client after 10?

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    wannaresell, Could you give me some ticket numbers of the emails you submitted.. I would just like to see where sales or support went wrong..

    Also just so i can answer this.
    "Also does anyone know what the server load is like? Techsupport failed to give me any answer on that subject which makes me somewhat wary."

    This one is kind of hard to answer really.. That may of been why you did not get an answer you liked. But i will give it a shoot..

    We by far never over load a server. Most unix server are cut at any where from 100 to 400 sites same for windows. What we do is trun off a server once it hits 100 users/domains and keep an eye on the load. Most all servers have less then 5% of the CPU being used even at peak times.

    I know its late right now so not much of a load on any of the servers but here is any idea from right now. 211 Users
    load averages: 0.04, 0.03, 0.00 96 Users
    load averages: 0.02, 0.00, 0.00

    We have loads of servers sitting here any time we need them installed and ready to. Load on servers is not some thing you would ever need to worry about. Also as a reseller in a new version of H-Sphere coming up you will be able to move your site from one server to anther with a click of a button. This way if you think your site is slow due to load can be moved in less then a min. but i don't ever see this being a problem


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    We have a server with Vortech Hosting, and it is currently great. I do have to admit there network is pretty nice. When I need Brad I can easily get in touch with him on his cellphone or ICQ. Give MatrixReseller a shot I'm sure you will enjoy what Brad and the guys have to offer. I never had any problems with tech support.

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    Thanks for the nice words there timmy..

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