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    novice-looking for help on web hosting services

    Hi ya'll

    I have been trying to self learn what I can about selecting a web hosting service for a local non-profit animal shelter to manage animals for adoptions AND shelter activities.
    We have an MS Access home grown database for donor, customer and animal info that I want to see web-based for remote access to multiple users AND password protected!
    We currently have a web site that I want to move. I like frontapge cause its EASY and we really need that with the limited experience we have. SO here's what I think I need:
    -DSN access ( for MS Access)
    -15 e-mail accounts
    -Mailing List (large) 900 + client database
    -SSL (anticipate online donor payments)
    -MS Frontpage 2002 ext
    -domain name (transfer?) Using Network Solutions
    -FTP for files (can't fp web publish do this or is it required FOR that?)
    -10+subdomains with password protect (used for internal committee use and volunteer teams)
    -Disk storage (100mb?)
    -bandwidth? no clue
    -what is a side server?

    I found to have this at gold level, but 19.95 is too much for a totally volunteer/ non-profit ---

    Am i missing something? does anyone have suggestions to help? CAN I GET A WEB HOST for under $10.00?

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    I am not really sure what "DSN" is but I know there is some way to integrate Frontpage with access to allow online databases. Other than that for under $10.00 you should be able to find something that meets all your needs. Just make sure you do a search to make sure there is no negative feedback atleast here before you sign up and I also suggest you email there support a couple times just to get a rough idea of how good there support response times are.. good luck..

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    Hi charri,

    Welcome to WHT! You might have better luck finding help in the Web Hosting Requests forum... there will be a lot of hosts there waiting to help you! (It's near the bottom of the forum list.)


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    If I had a hosting company I would give her what she wanted for free.

    I am sure you'll find a host that is under $10.
    Post your question in the Web Hosting Request forum.

    And by the way, Little Miracle is adorable!!

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