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    * Clean Professional Template -- Make Offer

    What you get:

    - Images ( .JPG / .PSD files )
    - One Front Welcome Page
    - One Dummy Page
    - Minor Customization
    - Good laugh from my welcome message!
    - Warm fuzzy feeling?

    Bidding Rules

    - PM, E-mail, or Reply your bids
    - Make bids in US Currency
    - Bid in increments of $1.00 or more
    - Prefer payments through PayPAL, Money Order*, or Check*
    - Buyout for this template is set at $50.00
    - Pages and Image files to be sent in bundled zip file format
    - Will accept credit cards through

    * Zip file to be sent when this type of payment clears the bank.


    Welcome Page:


    (Dummy page can be changed just as easily.)

    Dummy Page:

    - Screenshots taken in 1024x768
    - Yes, yes the site fits nicely into 800x600 :p
    - Table links under title image highlight when moused-over
    (Won't work on the screenshots though for those who tried...)

    Happy bidding!
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    lol 120% uptime?

    sorry i only look for hosts above 150%

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    Originally posted by aragon
    lol 120% uptime?

    sorry i only look for hosts above 150%

    How about the unlimited offer? Everyone loves the word unlimited around here right?

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    Ya luv it so much ...
    I'm making a dummy plan w unlimted everything..
    And every person that signs up for it will go straight to the htaccess IP block list =D
    Cause we all know who 99.9% of those orders will be!!!!

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    Hope no one took the wording on the page the wrong way, it can be changed. That's what .psd files are for. :p

    I can also throw in a vbulletin (assuming it's a legal copy..) or invision board forum setup for no charge.
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    I almost wanna buy it just to host what you already have!!!!!!
    OMG that is just too funny you actually put all that down....Seriously what is bid at now... I will throw it up just as is in 2nd pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    lol ..... thats some good stuff

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    Heh, a lot of laughs...but sadly no bids as of yet. I'll remind you again I can customize that area inside the white. I just don't want to do all that work if no one isn't even going to bid on it...
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    Checkout my new gaming blllaaauugghhh...

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