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    Super deal: Best dedicated server, 2x1.8g CPU,2x80G Raid,Cpanel


    My server is ready to go colocation and I want to share the expense with another person. It is one of the best servers here.

    1. All of my clients are in East Asia. They have very different usage hours (peak time is 5 am to 11 am, EST) from people here in US. So essentiall you have whole dedicated server for your clients in US. You and I will never compete for computer power/resources.

    2. It comes with Cpanel/WHM or H-sphere.

    3. Colocated with reliable datacenter.

    4. Only you and I to use this server. Neither you nor I want to jepardize the server or connection.

    5. The server: dual CPU (AMD, 1800MP), 1G DDR ECC Ram, 2x80G WD 8MB cache hard drive Raid 1. Tyan Motherboard.

    6. Bandwidth charge is extra, you pay what the datacenter charges. It can be as low as $75/1mbps or $25/50GB.

    7. Prefer somebody who can offer some technical helps for the server. But it not necessary.

    More importantly, I prefer somebody who is open, professional, serious in business and friendly.

    Trust-worthy, keep his words is a Must.

    8. No setup fee. Asking for $150/month. the price is very flexible. Negotiable. Monthly payment, no longterm contract necessary. but discount for long term payment.

    9. Please email me at: [email protected]úČ MS messenger and Yahoo messenger: [email protected]

    10. I am a very flexible individual businessman. I am always availble through email, messenger or Toll-free phone.

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