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    * *-*-*designers Only*-*-*

    i am looking for somebody to put my template together for me!
    if you can do this please AIM me "kaoticmindcom" ill give you whatever you nned just not $$ sorry

    heres the template UN-sliced (JPEG)

    heres the slices (ZIP)

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    Don't say you'll give them whatever they need, cause you won't. You'll find some free script for them or something.

    He didn't want to do anything to "advanced" for me.

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    Wtf kind of design is that ?!?! Anything is barely readable.

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    DEREK WILL YOU LEAVE ME ALONE!?!?!?! find some free script? when did i do that for you? you wanted me to convert perldesk for you, i said it would take to long, a layout isnt nearly as hard, thus i dont need much time to make a script!

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    oooo, perldesk, whatever that is

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    i know you said no $$, but i'll do it for $20. thats pretty cheap

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