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    Why Are My E-mails Bouncing?

    I have a dedicated server running Red Hat 7.2 with Sendmail and Webmin and I am trying to set it up so I can send/receive email from Outlook to an account set up on the server. I've followed the steps on's support site at:*-*%20mail

    but it isn't working. Anytime I try to send an e-mail from my ISP's POP3 account to the one I set up on my server, ends up bouncing back.

    I a domain name pointing to an IP addresses on my dedicated server. The main IP address of the server does not have a domain name pointing to it yet, becasue I'm waiting to set everything up correctly before I point the domain to it. Everything else is working fine, HTTP, SSH, and FTP. Here is what I have in my DNS for another domain name that is pointing to the server:

    IN MX 10
    mail IN A 209.15.XX.XXX

    I have the domain entered in the Host Addresses section under in Hardware in Webmin. Under Address Mapping in Webmin I have [email protected] entered as the address and my username 'website' as the address.

    Can somebody tell me why my e-mails aren't being received on my server? Am I missing something? I can send emails out through scripts I have set up, I just can't receive them when they are sent through Outlook. Do I need to install some other server like POP3? How about a SMTP server for sending e-mails out from the accounts?

    Any help would be greatly apprecieated. I've spent the past 4 hours trying to get this to work and haven't gotten anywhere.



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    what happens when you do ?

    What does the error message returned to you say? Does it complain about disk space, or over quota?

    If the servers main IP address cannot be reversed look'ed up, then that may cause a problem, as other computer may see your machine as an open relay. (but don't quote me on this)


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