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    Server is slow for my safelist, which company is fast for sending email with safelist


    I have a safelist (I took the name out) and when people send messages to the list which has over 300 members, it takes hours to send.

    Can someone let me know of a company who provides a server and connection that can handle this with speed?
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    no, im serious...


    I am new, I guess I shouldn't of used my website name, sorry bout that.

    But I am serious, I need a server that can handle this. Its soooo slow on my current server

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    Ohhhh, evil safe-lists. Depart from thee foul spirit.

    Seriously, you need your own server for something like that. Had someone the other day try to setup their safe list on one of our servers. They only had 5,000 members. *thawp*

    Also find a dedicated server provider that's easy on the spam issue too. I know, I know - it's a "safe list". You'll still get complaints of spam etc... Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    where do I get a server


    I have a server right now with a company, but its slow.

    Which company can I buy a dedicated server from, which will work for these things?

    What type of things should I look for in a server for sending emails as its primary purpose

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    If you want to request some quotes on dedicated servers, post a message in the "Web Hosting Requests" section of this site.

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