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    * Aliases for the Terminally Stupid?

    Cobalt Raq4:

    I am trying to alias a second domain ( to an existing domain ( without success -

    The Cobalt Knowledgebase tells me:
    Create the "primary" or actual virtual site on the RaQ4. Under the site settings for that site, there is a field called "Web Server Aliases" In this field you will want to add the and of the other domain. Requests for the second domain's name will now be served by primary domain. Of course, DNS for the second domain must also be properly set up to point to the server.
    - what could be simpler?

    Here's what I have done:

    1. Established - propagation complete, all working OK

    2. Added the following in Web Server Aliases for

    3. In Control Panel added one A Record only for pointing to the same IP as

    4. gives me a DNS error

    What have I missed?

    Please, could someone give me a "painting-by-numbers" explanation of how to do this?

    Remember, I'm an Aussie, and we 're a bit slow down-under


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    What do you mean by 'DNS error'? When?
    Have you updated the DNS records with the registrar?

    Domain aliases are similar to domains as far as propogation is concerned - ie. you have to wait up to 72 hours etc.,

    Sub-domains are instant
    ICANN accredited domain registrar

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    Assuming that propagtion has completed (which, I assume, it has, as it has been almost a week since I created the A Record to which I referred above), I just need to know whether the procedure I followed is correct, or have I missed something along the way?


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    Maybe i misunderstood it all, but why don't you use a Cname record for this?

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    The reason I don't want to use a Cname is something I read here
    CNAMES are evil. Do not use them, ever. (This is not a joke.)
    I'd like to do it the way the Sun KB suggests but, as I have said, I must be missing something . . .

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