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    Help! - DNS issues...

    It seems that one of my sites is working for everyone else, but not for me. The DNS has been changed for about 24 hours now, I am on Verizon DSL, and I am running Win98 SE. I have cleared my cache, and I have restarted my computer.

    Why aren't the changes showing up for me? Do I need to call up Verizon or what?

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    You probably just need to wait longer.
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    yes, probably your ISP DNS servers cached the DNS records for your domain name and you should wait until it clears.

    btw, you can edit your HOSTS file and point your domain to the new IP address, in case you need it ASAP.

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    It's called - The Propagation Blues - and not even DLS can minimize it. It takes a MINIMUM of 24 hours for an DNS change to take affect world wide.

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    As soon as the root zones are updated, people who have not been to your site in a while (longer than the TTL value) will see it immediately. These updates happen every 12 hours.

    The TTL on the root zones is set to 48 hours. This means if your ISP has cached the nameserver information for your domain, it will not check the root again for 48 hours.

    Your TTL values within your nameserver will also affect how long data is cached.

    All of this of course depends on DNS Caching servers that pay attention to TTL values. Some do not.

    The short story is some people will see your new site the minute the roots are updated, and you - who have been there often and recently - will not see the update for at least 48 hours.

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