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    Smile n00b web person - review my site, please?

    This is one of my first sites after playing around for a while. Any good? No places to go yet, if you guys think I'm going in the right track, I'll break it down into SSI and finish it up as soon as my......gasp........cyberwings comes back on. If it ever does. Gulp.

    I'm sure theres plenty more I could do with it. Your experianced comments are welcome. I want constructive critizism. I can take it!

    Thanks a bunch!

    Only the add at the top is added by the free host. Cyberwings, if they come out of the water, will not have that. The add below it, however, is mine. Just in case I want one. Heh.
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    Nice talent there.

    Looks different with very interesting graphics.

    Keep it going.

    Just to make it easier for everyone,


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    I'll keep going with it then. Thanks for the input. I'm sure I will get more opinions once the entire thing is finished and it will be easier for people to give opinions.


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    1.) get rid of your own ad. Not like you'll be making money from it anyway
    2.) for a "n00b", it's pretty good.
    3.) go for a style... have some sort of "plan" for your website. Newbie sites tend to throw in a bunch of stuff because it looks good individually, but when you add it together, it just looks tacky.
    4.) remember it's not about how many graphics you can squeeze in, how many animations you can add, or how much javascript you can throw in. If it fits, add it. If it doesn't fit, leave it out.

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    What about this format, attempting to take aragon's opinions in.

    And I put the newsscript on top of the greyish hazard logo? Did I need "Latest News?" And, I took out the slider at the top since........i ALREADY have news their for viewing once the script is in place......c'mon, cyberwings! ERg.

    So, what you think of that? The total format size whet down tremendously with the removal of all that other stuff.

    So? Opinions.


    Oh, and once again, ignore that free service prohosting banner, that won't be in the final hosted version.

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    what exactly is the site for.......
    it is difficult to comment on when I dont know what the intention or intended audience of the site is.....
    Not much else there to comment on, but it could do with a header, and a different background color.......


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    Don't try to make advertising revenue until after you establish the site. If you are serious about it get hosting without ads.

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