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    Netsol = *&%#. Problems..


    What can we do in this case? How to help our customer?

    ======= email from our customer to NSI & .WS support ======

    I have been trying to switch Web hosts and have been in contact with the NSI Support Team in the past week, but can't get a response now that my domain is not working. My **.WS site and email have been unavailable since Thursday.

    A somewhat short history:

    1. March 2001: I purchased hosting service from host.**.com, choosing to register the **.ws name for 2 years.

    2. March 2002: Network Solutions/VeriSign informed me that they "migrated" my name registration from (which I had not requested).

    3. June 23: I initiated a change in Web hosting (not name registration) to **, and made the appropriate request at Netsol's site.

    4. June 27 to now: I informed my new hosting company that DNS still has not switched from old to new host. I have made several calls to Network Solutions without any satisfactory response. ** has been most helpful and also has repeatedly contacted Netsol to make the change. We are continually told that the call needs to be escalated or that it is in research, but nothing happens and calls aren't returned (except one where I was told they are "working" on it).

    5. July 8: I had to pay another month to my old hosting service because my DNS still hasn't switched over. Now I am paying for 2 hosts.

    6. July 9: I first contacted .WS Support because of my WS name -- I wanted to transfer the registration away from Netsol because they are unresponsive. I was told no other registrar can take the WS registration!!!!!

    7. July 11, morning: After more unsuccessful attempts by new hosting company to get Netsol's help, I again emailed .WS Support and they informed me that: "We sent a trouble ticket back to our Programming Department yesterday afternoon to push the new nameservers through for **.ws.While it is Network Solutions' responsibility to send us this information, we are generally able to complete the update manually in situations like these. The update should catch in the next 24 hours. We will keep checking it throughout the day."

    8. July 11, evening: The **.WS site and all related e-mail addresses are DOWN. Visitors to the site get the Under Construction page from Website.WS. E-mails bounce back with fatal errors. My domain name is no longer associated with my old host, nor is it switched to the new host!
    shows: Your NS records APPEAR to be: [ (NO GLUE)] ...They are with .WS!...
    I emailed .WS Support about the domain being down, just after midnight Eastern.

    9. July 12: Still no service, after repeated e-mails to .WS Support by **Hosting and myself, .WS Support Team has sent no response since morning of July 11 -- NO RESPONSE AT ALL SINCE BEING INFORMED THAT I HAVE NO NAME SERVICE.

    Can you please respond and tell me what you are doing to fix this problem? I do freelance work and my clients and contacts cannot reach me with my domain e-mail down.

    ======= end ======

    so.... July 15.

    We have a lot of replys from NetSol and, but **.ws site is down and nobody can help us!!!

    "This issue has already been escalated to the proper department. We will be sending you an email once this issue is resolved."


    "Your Inquiry was put to the attention of one of our supervisors. We will get back to you as soon as possible for resolution."

    .... blablabla

    Whould you like to place I_ hate_netsol_button on your site? I like this idea!

    P.S. NEtsol whois shows correct DNS for this domain, but all other whois_services does not.

    P.S. I can't give website address of our customer due to our privacy polycy.

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    You are one of thousands that faced similar treatment. Check out for a lovely evening of scary reading.

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    Yes, i saw . Cool site.
    But... what to do with %$#@# Netsol?

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    Call them up, ask for a supervisor and be prepared for a long hold.

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    We have made NNN-calls to Netsol. We were NNN-hours on-hold, but no luck. They ignore ALL requests!

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    From what I have read, their Philippines-based tech support dpt has been trained to stall and confuse all customers. You need to ask to be transferred to their US-based support, I think in Tennessee.

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    well, I suggest your transfer your domains to another registrar at your earliest convenience...

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    apollo, no other registrar can take the WS registration !!!!!
    This is impossible to transfer .WS domain to any registrar why accept .ws registration.

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    ohh. that sucks, sorry I didn't know that..

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    You may have already done this and I may be misunderstanding what you want to do, but go to

    Look up the ip address for the nameservers you are pointing your domain to. This is to verify that the nameservers have been registered with Network Solutions.

    Even if the nameservers are registered with another registrar they won't work on domains at Network Solutions

    The customer service rep and the managers at net sol may initiate the request and never know that it didn't go through until you call trying to find out why it didn't work.

    This post by no means is ment to justify the total lack of customer service knowledge at Network Solutions

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    EasySite, they know that everything is fine with our DNS and that was a problem from Netsol end.

    ==== customer emails =====
    .... supervisor told me there have been 7 programmers working on my request since July 9. Do you believe it?

    .....the guy claims that my DNS was "inactive" and he has now "reinstated" DNS and that it should definitely work when it propagates in 24-48 hours

    The Netsol guy I talked to today looked at the service
    request history and didn't think anything had been done yet.
    :-( So much for 7 programmers.

    It was fixed today!!!
    ====== end ======

    n e v e r use !

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