Hi all,

You guys work for or own hosting companies so I am to you for some ideas. I want to get some first hand market data on hosting companies and what they are looking for in terms of technology and services. Here are some of my ideas. Please comment on them or add to them as you like. Thanks for your time!

1. Paying around 20 people to come in to my office for 3 hours @ $20/HR including lunch to fill out a survey and just have a rap session on particular topics.
2. Sending out a survey to lots of hosting companies with the possibility of winning prizes including 5 X-boxs, 5 PDAs, etc ..
3. Calling companies directly asking them if they would like to participate on a phone survey. If they comply they would get a voucher for $20 from Bestbuy and they have the possibility of winning prizes through a draw(xbox, pda, gift certificates, etc.)