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    Question About Overselling

    Hi. I am trying to get a grip on this. I know everyone does it differently, but perhaps you can all post how you do it so I can get an idea of how I want to "oversell" my plans.

    Scenario: I sell plans that come with 100MB space and 1 GB bandwidth. I have 2.5GB of HD, and 50 GB of BW. Looking at this I think I can sell 50 Plans safely. But how far could I oversell with my alotted BW & HD? Could I sell 75 Plans? 100 Plans? 60? Is there a percentage you feel is safe to oversell at? Say 30, 40 or 50%?

    Thoughts and Speculation Please!


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    Totally depends on how much bandwidth your average client uses. I personally don't recommend overselling your disk space...just smaller quantities over more packages.

    But even if your customers are only using half of their bandwidth on average, I wouldn't oversell more than 10%...meaning about 55 packages.

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    By the time you reach 50 clients you'll have a good idea on how much each one uses on average... go by that

    You should always keep a chunk of space/bandwidth in reserve in case someone DOES go over what's expected of them.

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    You can always oversell, then pay for your overages - depending on if quota's are implemented, you have soft limits etc

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