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    Programmer/Administrator Looking for contract or full-time hire.

    I have proven my skills as a Senior Unix Systems Administrator, providing support and consulting for over 800 Linux and FreeBSD based servers. In addition to my skill as a System Administrator, I am also an accomplished programmer.

    I have obtained college credits for Application Development II with a concentration in Java development at an accredited university.

    My resume is attached below, if you are interested in more information please email me at: [email protected]

    I am located in the Philadelphia area and I am NOT willing to relocate.

    -- resume --
    * Programming languages:
    o C, C++, Perl, PHP, Java, sed, COBOL, scheme, Bourne Shell (sh),
    Bourne Again Shell (bash), Z80 assembler, and Tcl/Tk application
    o HTML, DHTML, CSS, LaTeX, and Javascript. Experienced writing web
    * Programming APIs and tools:
    o C: Xlib, BSD Sockets, Gtk, SDL, and OpenGL APIs.
    o Perl: Gtk, Tk, AIM, Imagemagick, Xforms
    o Java: AWT, Swing.
    o Tools: GCC, Automake/Autoconf, GNU Make, Microsoft Visual C++,
    Apple MPJ-Tools.
    * Software configuration, administration:
    o Databases: MySQL, Postgresql
    o Server Software: Tomcat, Bind, Apache, RedHat Interchange, GNU
    Mailman, CPanel, X11, Exim.
    o Familiar with cryptography and authentication protocols.
    * Operating systems:
    o Experienced with Unix/Linux systems (Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, HP-UX,
    and Irix) for development, administration, and end-user tasks.
    o Knowledgeable of administration and use of the following operating
    systems: AmigaOS, BeOS, MacOS (7-10).
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