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    Not actually interested in a logo at the moment, thats why i have posted in this topic, but i am wondering, how much would it cost, to have a logo designed thats about

    120 x 120



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    I'd say around $60USD

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    I haven't used them, but "Get Drawn" seems to do nice logos. Cheap too. I think they have an ad in the Related Requests forum.
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    I would pay well over $100 for a's the most important "image" (no pun intended) that a company/business have.

    My advice is don't go with the cheapest and make sure the people that design the logo know about: branding, marketing, and design rules/methodology.

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    My advice is don't go with the cheapest and make sure the people that design the logo know about : branding, marketing, and design rules/methodology.
    I totally agree. If you're serious about starting a company and envision going the distance, than you really need a good logo. It'll be used in letterhead, business cards, advertisments, the web, etc. You should also find a designer who will make an "image" for you based on the logo. Most design houses will give you a package deal where once you get the logo they'll design stationary/etc around that look. Even if you just get a logo designed, I'd find someone compitant to make the rest of the package if you envision using things like letterhead.

    One good way to see how a good corporate image package gets put together is to look at the real pros who do it for the big boys. Some of my favorites:

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    might add too, that a business logo is close to one of the most difficult parts of building a website in my opinion. Very hard to capture the entire focus of a business in something you can draw in the sand.

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