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    590 Web Hosting Clients for Sale

    I'm re-posting this, as the deal with the buyer fell through. Please note that the asking price has also been substantially lowered, while 90 more clients are included.


    Hello all,

    I'm a regular here on the board, but posting under a different ID at this point for obvious reasons.

    The company I own is moving away from web hosting, and the first step is to sell our shared hosting accounts. These number a little over 590, representing about 1000 domains. These are all very high-quality accounts, about half of which having been with the company a year or more. About 200 or so of these have been acquired since last fall when we started doing some minor advertising.

    The accounts are split approximately 50/50 between monthly accounts and annual pre-paid accounts. Scheduled billing for the monthly accounts will equal approximately $65,000 in the next year, and billing for annual accounts will be approximately $50,000. Detailed numbers and other information will be provided under NDA.

    This is a sale of the hosting accounts only. No other assets are being offered, whether it be servers, domains, etc. You will need about 3-4 megabits of bandwidth to support these accounts and two well-equipped Linux hosting servers.

    These customers are managed by a control panel developed in-house. It is most likely that you will want to migrate these customers to your own systems, and we will provide a reasonable amount of assistance with this process. Your staff will be responsible for setting up customer accounts on your end and assisting clients with upload and configuration of their sites on your servers. (We can, of course, provide archives of customer data to ease in the process.)

    I am very passionate about the quality of service that is provided to these clients. You need to be able to demonstrate your track record as a reliable company with good customer service. I know most of these clients by name, and I want to be able to offer them my personal assurance that they'll receive as good or better service at your company.

    Asking price for these accounts is $75,000. This price reflects the fact that you won't see any revenue from the annual pre-paid accounts for an average of six months. The successful purchaser must be prepared to pay at least 50% up-front.

    Please direct any inquiries to me by use of the forum's PM feature.

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    Sent you a PM...

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    As did I.

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    Yes, you have PM!

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    Hey there, it's mike from

    My old offer still stands if your interested, if not I have a guy out in chicago that might be interested in scooping them up.

    I am Mike From ADEHOST.Com, Multidomain Windows hosting with Cold Fusion and ASP and Dot.NET Also offering multi-domain Unix hosting. silently, each one should ask, Have I done my daily task. Have I kept my honor bright, can I sleep without guilt tonight. Have I done and have I did, everything, to be prepared. - our motto to maintain services.

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    Send me a PM

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