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    Where to host status page?

    A host should have a status page up where customers can read about any problems and updates. The problem is you can't just use space from a competitor. Also, something like geocities isn't good because of the ads and I'm planning on placing a small support desk on it (Maybe host my entire helpdesk on it).
    Now my question is: Do you know of any providers that offer completly anonymous space (I can arrange the dns, I have backup servers)? Maybe even a provider that is specialised in hosting status pages and helpdesks?

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    If you can afford it, $250/month will get you a basic server with Rackspace.

    Rackspace servers don't go down

    It would be a good place to host your own site, your nameserver, helpdesk, etc.
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    Well, I can get a server for $69/month that offers what I need (different network, decent bandwidth). It's only to backup a small portion.
    A simple account of 50MB and 1-2GB transfer /month on a 99+% host for less then $20 should do.

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    It is not really necessary to have a whole separate server just for status. If anyone is in need of this service, feel free to contact me. I have servers in multiple data centers and can offer pages for you.
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    We have our main site on its own server in NAC. Our client's sites are on our other servers. It's nice to keep them apart. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    I had all that sorta stuff @ rackshack - but the status page is down more than anything else with them.

    So I am moving my status page to rackspace

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    We have talked internally here of what to do in case of an unrecoverable disaster (god forbid).

    We have multiple servers, multiple providers, etc....all the normal datacenter stuff. Now, if something major happens and everything is down, all providers, all servers. What do we do?

    We were considering purchasing a small shared hosting package at another hosting company just for this reason. The account would only get used if everything within our datacenter was not operating for some reason.

    If someone is willing to trade the following packages, even trade, contact us by PM:

    up to 100MB HDD (for installation of whatever you use to support clients)
    2 IP addresses (to allow for your own DNS to be created)
    1 mySQL database
    and all the regular jazz we need for a small, temporary support site.

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    Hmm, swapping accounts isn't perfect either, but it's a lot better then nothing at all.
    I just had this great thought, what if some hosts make a common account with a domain, for example or something. Then this domain would be hosted on all of the hosts and with some round-robin DNS. Then each host has it's own page like This guarentees great uptime. Anybody interested?

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    get a viritual account @

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