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    Looking for Designer ..Partnership --READ!

    I'm going to be changing the name of "Cobalt Connection" very soon...

    I've already got the name, and have decided that it is going to be Webhosting / Design Firm..

    I'm looking for a designer that is willing to make the design for this company...if chosen, you are gauranteed 8 months of any clients that come to the company..

    I will be advertising for the hosting services, and design will be mentioned on the banners..

    You benefit off the advertising in exchange for the design of the company page. If after 8 months, everything is going good, I'll probably keep you..

    Hopefully by then I'll need some more designers

    I'm looking for a pretty High End needs to display the talent of design work you are capable of

    Any questions can be directed to:

    [email protected]
    icq: 18780743
    AIM: CobaltConnection (mainly on ICQ)
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    I am EXTREMELY sorry. I will probably end up designing his site for him.
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    lol, don't forget the rest

    CobaltConnection: I've found that most people like honesty over a professional sounding person..what good is that if there is no truth to the statements they say? ..i could say...Oh, that won't happen, you will have tons of clients..but that is completely avoiding your 'What if there are no clients" ....good bye, enjoy your evening
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    Session Start (AIM - CobaltConnectionubsektion): Mon Jul 15 16:32:39 2002
    Subsektion: If I do the design, and we get no clients, I want my design back. Would THAT be possible?
    CobaltConnection: well depends on what the design looks like....if I advertise on hosting related sites, and they actually click on the banner (assuming some want design), and the page looks good...i don't see why there would be no clients
    CobaltConnection: so another words..... sure
    CobaltConnection: I'm really looking for someone that want's a partnership and is willing to work with me
    Subsektion: bye

    btw...Isn't there a rule against blatant un-called for bashing??

    Guess you get your kicks anyway you can
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    It's so childish to post up private conversions with the intentions of demeaning a person and or the reputation of his company.

    fabrikated- Grow up.

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    I've found someone, thanks for the interest everyone!
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