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    Search Engine
    I didn't want to post my site but I figure its better to do so. Ok, the coding is not completely done. The search engine, job engine, image engine, auction engine and shop engine are not done. The financial engine, kids engine, directory engine and news engine are pretty much done, I just need to add some extra features to them. I plan on adding more to the kids engine and financial engine soon. Also, as you have figured I extract most of the data, and will add where the data comes from, but at the moment have not done so. Please let me know what you think of the sites design and features. Thanks.

    EDIT: I just noticed Yahoo changed some of their coding, so the news engine won't work entirely.

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    There's too much blank green space around the search box. Other than that it looks good. I like that you're keeping it simple. No one likes a complicated search engine. Google is the simplest webpage there is, and look how many people love it
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    That is what my main idea was, just to keep it focused on the simplicity of it, which is why there is really nothing to the site other than the green. I also made it like that so that even a 640x480 resolution would fit on the screen without a problem.

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    I like that a lot. Would just trim down the green a little, make that box smaller.
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    i like the main page design. It is a little too dark though.

    You should add something to distinguish which search you are using instead of it just being in the address part...

    results are too plain!!!! Make the title bold or differnt color or something! I think left aligned would be better also

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