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    From what I understand from their last posting here It looks like all data was lost

    I went with dot5 and you actually get to communicate with a real person and if your experience with Cyberwings was anything like mine........I don't think you would be sitee was up and running in less than 12 hours


    Sorry I meant this as a reply to Xman.................didn't mean to start a new thread............

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    What I really want is my MySQL database back from
    My entire site is based on the phpBB2 forum that I have set up at cyberwings. If all data are lost, why the heck don't they say that instead of just giving us all those updates to keep us hoping.

    Anyway, I did look at Their packages are cheap also when I looked at the custom plan. They have great reviews now and they are also new. This was the same pattern that cyberwings had when I first signed up but look at them now. I am just afraid I will be end up the same way as cyberwings. Talk about taking risks.....

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    Something is happening.....

    When you go to your site, it will direct you to the page that says your domain is for sell. Very strange.

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    What do you mean? Which site are you looking at?

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