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    All Sarvi Hosting servers are located in the top-notch, world-class NAC datacenter. We have selected this superior datacenter because it simply lives up to our high expectations and also helps us provide the high quality service we have promised our customers. Combining NAC and Sarvi Hosting services, there is no one who can deliver your websites with such speed and reliability as we can to your users no matter where in the world they are!

    NAC's connections to multiple backbone providers, and peering with many carriers on a regional and international basis, allows us to easily reach remote networks even in the case where a NAP may be unhealthy, or when a specific backbone connection is down. It also allows NAC to make intelligent routing decisions; for example, if we are trying to reach a remote network which is on the Sprint network, there's no reason to send it out to UUNET first.

    With a combination of technical experience, the latest technology, and quality network hardware, NAC has created one of the most reliable networks in the region. They have deployed and continue to develop their network to provide the speed and reliability the businesses and consumers demand, at an affordable price.

    You can Ping/TraceRoute to:


    Host Unlimited Domains
    Create Your Own Packages
    30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    99.5% Uptime Guarantee
    Price Freeze Guarantee
    NAC World-Class Datacenter
    Access To WebHost Manager
    CPanel 4.x For Your Customers
    Your Own Private Nameservers
    2 Dedicated IP addresses
    RedHat 7.2 Linux OS
    No Minimum Contract
    24/7 Customer Support
    PHP 4.2.0 / Perl 5.x
    Own CGI-Bin Directory
    Pre-Installed CGI Scripts
    Server Side Includes (SSI)
    Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts
    Unlimited Email Aliases
    Unlimited Email Forwarders
    Unlimited Email Auto Responders
    Unlimited Mailing Lists
    Unlimited Mail Blockers
    Unlimited Private POP3 Servers
    Unlimited FTP Accounts
    Unlimited Subdomains
    Unlimited MySQL Databases
    Catch All Defaul Email Address
    Frontpage 2002 Extensions
    Daily Backup
    Custom Error Pages
    Free Installation Of Modules
    Full .htaccess Control
    Password Protect Directories
    Two Graphical Web Statistics
    Access To Raw Log Files
    And Much Much More..


    500 MB Space
    10,000MB Monthly Transfer
    FREE Account Setup
    Price: $19.95/mo

    1,000 MB Space
    15,000MB Monthly Transfer
    FREE Account Setup
    Price: $29.95/mo

    1,500 MB Space
    20,000MB Monthly Transfer
    FREE Account Setup
    Price: $39.95/mo

    2,000 MB Space
    30,000MB Monthly Transfer
    FREE Account Setup
    Price: $59.95/mo

    3,000 MB Space
    40,000MB Monthly Transfer
    FREE Account Setup
    Price: $89.95/mo

    This special is not posted on our website. To take advantage of this reseller special, you have to type in "WHT SPECIAL" in the comments field of the order page.

    This special is valid till wednesday, July 17th only!


    If you have any questions, please email them to [email protected] or you can also contact us by the following methods:

    ICQ: 503918
    AIM: SarviHSupport

    You can view our website at
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