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    Yep - definately a blatant rip. It's really annoying when people do that.

    Your words are copywrite - so you can request to have them take it down.

    We had a site copy our complete home page (God knows why - maybe they thought it would give them some search engine value) - a swift threat of immediate legal action resolved the issue in 24 hrs.

    Chances are if you threaten with legal action they will take the right actions.

    By the way - your site (the original!) - I couldn't agree more with what you have written.
    Andrew McMaster
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    Thanks, I've e-mailed them to "cease and desist," they're in Oz so I don't know how to pursue legal action against them if they don't take it down. I suppose I'll write their upstream first.
    Deb Suran
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    The pages have been removed from both websites.
    Deb Suran
    Musical Instrument Makers Forum -

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    And the owner of the site, who claims he just bought it, has posted an apology on both pages. I also found that every other page I checked at both websites was stolen, and informed him of this. Hopefully he'll remove those pages as well, if not I will inform the other webmasters.
    Deb Suran
    Musical Instrument Makers Forum -

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