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Thread: Backup Server

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    Backup Server

    Hi all,

    I am thinking to order a dedicated server at RS or any other companies which offer similar price for backup purpose. I would like to share this server with other people. Let say 10, so everyone will get around 5gig disk space and 40 - 50 gb transfer. The monthly fee is around $10 for each person.

    Becasue this is backup server, so I think no http access is necessary. This can reduce unnessary traffic and fair for share users.

    Don't you think is there any people interested in it? Or is there any problem that might encouter?

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    Normally there is a number of issues on sharing server. You can search the forum archive for some discussions on it. (including comments made by me).

    However, because you are offering backup space and (presumably) only FTP access, the idea is actually very doable, and avoid almost all the issues that comes with sharing server, since you don't provide root access.

    The only problem is if you can get enough people to justify the cost. Also, you will want to make clear that you don't provide root access (or any other form of access except FTP/NFS/rsync).

    Lastly, don't forget that by doing so you are not just "sharing a server," you are also providing a service, so you are responsible for server up/downtime, technical support and any other things a service provider need to provide. So don't forget to factor in those costs as well. It isn't a completely automated process (although it is close).


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    Not a bad idea if you can find clients or friends with whom you can share the server.

    Plus, don't go for the most powerful server - ftp doesn't take much resources (unless you have hundreds of concurrent connections)

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    Thanks a lot. Yeah, I am looking for some friends or people here to share the server. May be will post a thread later.

    Yeah, I think it's a pretty good solution. Normally, a serve without web server is more safe. And if there is enough people to share, the cost will be real cheap.

    I think people can use rsync or some backup script to backup their data to the backup server.

    If anyone interested, you can PM me. It's just to share the server, and I won't make any profit of it. Free ebook for webhosting and dedicated server review

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