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    Apexware: Any good?


    I am thinking about going with Apexware but a friend who initially recommened them now tells me their servers have been down a lot.

    Would anyone like to recommend them?


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    Beside the downtime... I would recommend them... pretty good support

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    At least until some time ago they used to have a strange problem of inability to access e-mail using the web interface. After having read about this problem in these forums, I asked them about it, and got evasive answers. This kind of attitude is not a good sign, and unless you have a special reason to choose them, I'd say you should go with someone else.

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    I don't remember any problems with anyone having a problem accessing mail from the web, or being asked about it.

    Also, everyone on the server that has had problems lately is being moved to a new one.
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    Apexware's reply to me...

    Hi. I do not want to be nasty, but I think it is an importnt thing to know, as nowadays, with the current control panels, this is not a problem one should expect. In response to my question whether e-mail users can access their webmail without accessing the control panel, and after having stressed that I had read about this problem in these forums, I got this reponse:

    A user can access their email without the control panel. They can set up the POP3 account information for their email address and receive the email with a email client such as outlook express, or with web based email systems such as yahoo which allow the setup of POP3 accounts.
    If the problems were fixed, very well. But you must agree this kind of reply (instead of just saying no) is suspicious and underestimating the recipient's intelligence when it is a response to a most explicit question about e-mail access via the web interface...

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    I hate answers like that.
    Ask about webmail and get an answer about how to set up an email client.
    An email client is not webmail. Duh.
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    Well I apologize. The question was read wrong so again I'm sorry. For what it's worth, yes you can access webmail without using the control panel.
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    For whats its worth I have been with Shea for around 2 weeks and indeed did have a couple of hairy moments but Shes explained what was going on. As long as I know that I am fine, it's when everything goes quite I panic.

    For me the servers are fast ands support good.

    And yes webmail works fine.

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