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    Is 600MB of bandwidth enough...

    ....for the average user?

    I am considering going with a reseller and my packages will look like: 200MB of disk space, with 600MB of bandwidth (based on my 5GB of disk space and 15GB of bandwidth)

    Naturally I am concerned about the low bandwidth (since most of you offer 1GB) - will the average person need 1GB, or will 600MB be ok? (fyi - I will not host adult web sites, mainly small business web presence sites).

    thanks !

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    600mb bandwidth will do okay for small sites. On average most sites don't use more than 100-200mb

    You're right though --- people do like seeing bigger numbers. I think it's safe to sell several accounts with 1gb transfer even if you have only 15gb in all ... usually clients don't even come close to using as much as they buy.
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