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    I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to explain to me how bandwidth works. For example, if you had 100mb of space, how many hits would you need until you reached the 1gb of bandwidth mark?

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    Depends on what kind of site you have, If you have a site that has say alot of .mp3 of PSD's setup in a download area or even a high's graphics site which would use alot of image files would prob use 1GB bandwidth pretty quick if you were getting a couple hundred or so hits a day.. If you were just making a small static all html say blog page then 1GB would prob be fine.. Its always nice to get a little extra when hosting that way you can be prepared down the road. You would also want to make sure down the road that your host will allow you to upgrade your plan for free without any charges as I have seen this often being one of the hidden charges with hosts.. Good luck..

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    Simple math to figure it out.

    If your site was 10 megs in size, and you had 500 visitors, that means you would use 5,000 megs of web traffic, which is 5 gigs

    If you site was only 2 megs in size, and you had 2000 visitors, that means you would use 4000 megs of web traffic, which is 4 gigs.

    Now keep in mind, not all visitors will look at 100% of your webpage files and graphics.

    So if people who looked at your 2 meg website only saw 50% of the content before they left, you could get 4000 visitors and still only use 4 gigs of traffic.

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    Don't forget that many elements are stored in the "cache memory" of the navigator (pictures, logo, etc.) and are not transferred any more after the first visit

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