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    Website analytics website for sale

    Hello, I am selling 4 years old website-analytics website. Website has A LOT of PR 5 pages. Website currently has 214 free customers/ Users. Script has an option to make some features paid. Highest bidder takes it all. URL is Good Luck.

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    please post or pm price.

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    I would like to know the price and I would like to see some traffic statistics as well. Thanks!

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    PM's sent, thanks!

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    Can you let me know the price for the site and the traffic statistics with a screenshot?

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    alherd, I cannot PM you for some reason.

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    Same thing here. I'm unable to PM you either.
    Can I reach you via the site or

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    can you please provide some traffic stats and asking price/min bid. iHost v3 in beta Host Automation - iPanel v4 beta With Forced Ads in User Sites, illegal file scanner, and new post 4 hosting feature
    www.domainuptime.comSite monitoring

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    pm pls me price
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    yeaaa... Price sent

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    Interested in your website! Please PM your BIN price, current bid, stats...

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    What's the current bin ?

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    Current bin is 1500$

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